NEWSLETTER 277 - April 9, 2013
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: Roger Rohrdanz, beachtruck@juno.com
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Staff notes; *****VERY IMPORTANT LAST MINUTE NOTICE******; Guest Editorial; By “Dyno” Don Batyi (represents his own opinion and may or may not be representative of the SLSRH); Staff Editorial by Richard Parks; With great sadness in my heart I report that Mike Waters passed on this afternoon due to complications in conjunction with his recent GI surgery; The funeral information for Mike Waters is on the SCTA website; The following email was received from Don Garlits; Art Malone has passed away; Leslie Long and Gene Mitchell are planning another Santa Ana Drag Strip and Main Street Malt Shop Reunion on Saturday, April 13, 2013 from 10 AM to 2 PM, or until you decide to go home; I am currently working on a Bonneville history manuscript; John Force RaceStation is starting up its Cruise Night Car Shows again, starting on Saturday, May 4th and on the FIRST SATURDAY of every month till October 5th; Staff notes; Mike Mescher and Ron Main sent this video to us; The Gold Coast Roadster and Racing Club, a member of the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) announces the 20th Anniversary of the Annual Gas UP Party and the Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame; Staff notes; the following video was sent to us by Dema Elgin, Steve O'Brien and the Juggers Racing News and features drag racing as it used to be with a flagman and bales of hay; My cousin, whom I have not seen in forty years, has contacted me thanks to the posting of the photos to your web site; Don Garlits schedule along with the list of upcoming car shows at the museum; The Grump's (Bill Jenkins) guestbook; THE RUB-A-DUB TUB. By Le Roi Tex Smith; NHRA 2013 Holley National Hot Rod Reunion Grand Marshal & Honorees; Aussie Invader April 2013 Newsletter; We need your help to save the Bonneville Salts; Attached is press information about our new limited edition Allard Chrysler – Lucas Oil T-shirts


   Hila Sweet notified me that the California Racers Reunion (CRR) has been CANCELLED by the Riverside International Automotive Museum (RIAM). The event had been scheduled for April 13, 2013. I contacted Norma Jordan, the events coordinator at the museum and she confirmed the cancellation and said that it will not be rescheduled. Norma has left her position at the RIAM at this time. Hila will try to contact those who have said they were coming to let them know. There has been no decision made as to whether another CRR will be held, but if I hear any news I will let you know.


Guest Editorial; By “Dyno” Don Batyi (represents his own opinion and may or may not be representative of the SLSRH):  
   Here is an interesting article from the Wall Street Journal on electric cars, emissions, and climate change. I was in the Material Handling Industry for forty years and we had electric forklifts and emission problems on internal combustion lift trucks from day one. When I retired, the I.C. lifts were starting to convert to CNG (compressed natural gas) from propane which I thought was a good move because forklifts move a great deal of food products.  Google; http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324128504578346913994914472.html.
   The Electrics had gone to Electronic Controls, plus the batteries were getting more exotic. The battery salesman told me confidentially that the new batteries were not as good as the conventional Edison batteries we had been using for many years. The latest so called "High Tech" batteries now being used are Lithium. These are ones that have a habit of catching fire at inconvenient times. Ask Boeing about that, they have a fleet of new super air liners grounded. I saw on the business news where an off shore airline was going to replace them with conventional batteries.
   I am not concerned with climate change, the weather has been changing for thousands or millions of years, whichever you prefer.  My father used to say, "if you don't like the weather, wait a minute and it will change." Let me tell you why we are having these kinds of ridiculous political issues. The first reason is of course money and the second is the Government Job Fair. People like Al Gore are making huge bucks and the folks who are employed by government agencies like the EPA and the California ARB like making the big bucks and benefits and keep the snow ball rolling.
   That leaves emissions; my first thought is, "What emissions." The automobile since model year 2000 puts out zero emissions. Powerplants and industry have been lowering their emissions over the years to meet EPA standards, while higher and higher taxes and more and more environmental regulations are causing US Industry to move to other countries.  California is losing more than one business a day. States like Nebraska, Arizona and others are advertising, "Come to our state," and they are. I have flown over this country many times when I was working and I can say, nationally we do not have an emission problem. Of course, there are isolated cases that need attention but not anywhere near the level we have now.  "Dyno" Don Batyi


Staff Editorial by Richard Parks:      
   The following email came in by a reader, which I will try and answer. “I thought this might be a problem on my end, but when I click on the link to display the last couple of newsletters, I get nothing.  Just a white space.  Letting things sit for several minutes does not help.  I debated about sending anything as I assumed others might have already done so and that everyone was already aware.  Please be advised that I appreciate what you and others do and your commitment to the history of LSR.”
   I left the writer’s name off, because it is the message that is important. It has been nearly a month between issues and many people have written in to ask if the Society of Land Speed Racing Historians Newsletter has ceased publication. We are still working on our research and hoping to uncover more of our history. The problem is a change over to a new software operating system. At the present time the website only hosts the SLSRH, but it can expand into other ventures that have nothing to do with our historical LSR newsletter.
   Part of the problem is that as a website grows in size the needs of the website owner becomes more complex and requires upgrades to the operating system. Every software salesman lauds their product and tells their customers how easy their particular programs are. It is only when implementing the new computer programs that the website owners find out whether the systems operate as advertised.  The website owner has several websites that they let us use free of charge; www.hotrodhotline.com, www.bikerhotline.com and www.landspeedracing.com. The previous website owner sold Hotrodhotline and Bikerhotline to Internet Brands, a huge company with approximately 350 websites and this meant that the staff and the programming had to be separated out and transitioned over.
   A new software program is being developed for use in the website that we are given use of for our Society’s newsletter. We are still with
www.landspeedracing.com and the website owner is working on the transition of the programming needed to allow us to publish on her website. We are also continuing our working relationship with Internet Brands and some of our research, photographs and stories may go there and also to some of the other 350 websites that they operate. Please be patient as we make the change over to new entities and new software programs.
   Here’s a letter that we received; “
I don't know Leslie Long or Gene Mitchell but would like to support their event. Would they would like for me to make a personal appearance...” The Santa Ana Airport Drag Strip and Main Street Malt Shop Reunion started out as a picnic and everyone is welcome to come, bring what they want or just sample some of the good food that Gene Mitchell brings for us at these twice a year events. It is a free event and we attract some very well-known and respected old-time racers. You can also bring whatever you would like to share, because that’s what makes this such a special event. If you have videos, t-shirts or CDs for sale, bring them along too. I can’t guarantee that we’ll have more than forty or so people there, so as a commercial venture it won’t be a good event to go to for that reason. But as a reunion with some fine people, it is one of the best that I go to.
   And now on to another topic; it seems like there is so much to cover editorially. A new movie is being filmed on the lives of Don Prudhomme and Tom McEwen, called SNAKE & MONGOOSE. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’ve promised to write a movie review and will post it here in the newsletter and at
www.hotrodhotline.com. I hope that our members and readers will take the time to see the movie and buy a CD when it comes out for general sale. As hot rodders we need to support those who write books and film movies. They need our support, but just as important we need to create our own libraries of books, magazines and movies. I cherish the CD on the movie DEUCE OF SPADES, by filmmaker Faith Granger. We have a rich reservoir of characters and events in hot rodding that I would love to see filmmakers tap into. For some reason Hollywood avoids making movies about hot rodders, but if they only knew what characterizations and activities that we have been involved in they might reconsider. What it will take is a few movies that score big at the box office or having a few acting stars accept parts in the films.
   I spoke to Robin Broidy the film’s producer and she told me that they have signed William Hurt to play a cameo role representing my father, Wally Parks. I puzzled over whether Hurt looks like my father or has his mannerisms, but if we are to reach a wider audience we have to overlook the small things and concentrate on the major issues and that is bringing our sport to a wider audience. I believe Hurt will do a great job in his portrayal and the young actors portraying Prudhomme and McEwen look strikingly like these two famous drag racers. One thing we have to do is what actors and directors term “suspension of belief.” There will be some things that they have changed or tinkered with in order to reach this wider audience that we talk about and to make the movie interesting. As a historian I will wince when I see trivial mistakes, but as a work of art and knowing that we are dealing with a rough approximation of history in the film-making genre, I will try and accept the changes.
   Please support these books, movies and magazines that promote our hobby. CDs, t-shirts, books, etc, are relatively inexpensive and can be given away as gifts for birthdays, Xmas and other holidays. Support the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum by going to their gift shop or calling in your order. You support the museum and the artist or author and in return they will keep writing, photographing and filming our history. Right now Harry Pallenberg and Harold Osmer are trying to find sponsorship for their efforts to film a series of video shows called WHERE THEY RACED. Harry and Harold have saved a great deal of the history of various racing in Southern California. We need Harry to be successful and to encourage other filmmakers in other parts of the country to bring their regional racing history to the TV or big screen. Rather than moan about watching the insufferable and mawkish fare on television, let the TV people know that shows on hot rodding can be profitable too, if we support such programming. Don’t forget shows and movies from the past. AMERICAN GRAFITTI and HEART LIKE A WHEEL are two old favorites. Add to that the best land speed movie ever made, THE WORLD’S GREATEST INDIAN and you have shows that will be worth watching on nights when all that’s available is gut-sapping soap operas.
   Finally, please be aware that the California Racers Reunion (CRR) has been cancelled by the Riverside International Automotive Museum (RIAM). According to the former events coordinator, the CRR will not be rescheduled. We are sorry if you made plans to travel to California to attend this event. There is an alternative event for that day and that is the Santa Ana Airport Drag Strip and Main Street Malt Shop Reunion and I understand that some people will come to that event after the CRR was cancelled. I want to thank Hila Sweet and her friends for their efforts to put on the CRR over the years. It is a reunion that started out to honor the old jalopy racers and then Hila decided that since her friends raced in other kinds of racing, to expand the CRR to include all racing sports. It is a reunion that I really enjoy going to and I hope someone steps up and keeps it going.


With great sadness in my heart I report that Mike Waters passed on this afternoon due to complications in conjunction with his recent GI surgery. The surgery resulted in an abscess and in a secondary surgery to drain the abscess, he experienced a cardiac arrest.  I am in contact with Greg Waters and soon we will know details about subsequent memorial arrangements. Details will be posted on the SCTA website.  The last words that he spoke to me this afternoon were about the future and welfare of the SCTA.  Roy Creel
     Roy and other members of the SCTA: I am very sorry and saddened to hear of the loss of Mike Waters.  I worked with Mike on the Boat Racers Reunion Honorary Awards program.  He was a very committed water and land racer and I will miss him.  Does anyone have an obituary or biography for Mike that he could send to me to publish at the Society of Land Speed Racing Historians Newsletter (SLSRH) on www.landspeedracing.com; or if you have any stories or history about Mike that you would like to share with us.


The funeral information for Mike Waters is on the SCTA website.  The funeral is Tuesday, April 9, 2013.  There is no obituary yet.  See; http://www.scta-bni.org/health-welfare.html.   SCTA Racing News - Health and Welfare.  Services for Mike Waters are as follows:
1) LA Co Fire Department Flag ceremony: Monday April 8th – 10am, Fire Station 84, 5030 West Ave L-14, Quartz Hill, CA.
2) Viewing: 4 – 7pm with rosary at 7pm, Joshua Memorial Park, 808 East Lancaster Blvd, Lancaster, CA. 
3) Mass: 10am Tuesday April 9, 2013, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, 565 West Kettering St, Lancaster, CA. 
4) Gravesite following Mass: Joshua Memorial Park, 808 East Lancaster Blvd, Lancaster, CA. 
5) Reception to follow: Leona Valley Community Center, 8367 Elizabeth Lake Rd, Leona Valley, CA. 
   In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to Save The Salt in the name of Mike Waters.  Sent in by Jerry Cornelison, secretary of the SCTA.


The following email was received from Don Garlits; Art Malone has passed away.
   My long life buddy, partner and friend died at home this morning at 6 AM. This was the final result of an Airboat accident several years ago; Art was injured severely and never fully recovered. I talked to him on March 27, 2013 and he was in good spirits, thought he had lost a lot of weight. The brute of a man was down to 175 pounds, my weight! His wife Sandra was at his side.
   It grieves me to write this, but I must as Art and I go a long way back; in 1942 we rode the Twin Lakes School bus together, became friends and never had a quarrel. Art was younger than I, but a tall boy and timid at that young age. I once beat up a bully that was picking on him and we have been very close ever since. Art initially started racing round track cars and I once borrowed a flathead Ford engine out of his stock car to run an event while my engine was being repaired. I won with Art’s engine, but he continued to race the round tracks. Then in 1959, I was burned severely and Art and his wonderful late wife Lorraine came to the hospital and he offered to drive the Swamp Rat I car while I recuperated.
   Art took to Drag Racing like a “Duck to Water,” setting the new Drag News 1320 Record at his first outing in Sanford Maine, 183,66 MPH, breaking my old record set at Houston, Texas the week before the Chester fire. Art continued to raise the 1320 record several times and in 1960 built his own car at Al Williams shop in Kansas. He won the US Fuel and Gas Championships held in Bakersfield, California in 1963 with his own home-built car. Ed Iskenderian was his Crew Chief! He set the oval track record of 181.561 MPH at the Daytona Speedway on August 28, 1961, receiving the $10,000 prize posted by Bill France of NASCAR fame for the first person over 180 on a closed course, driving the “Mad Dog” a winged version of an Indy car, built by the late Bob Osiecki from Chester, South Carolina. The “Mad Dog” now rests in the Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing as a tribute to this man’s many accomplishments.
   We teamed up again in 1984 putting “Garlits and Malone” on Swamp Rat 26, a car removed from the museum and refitted with modern parts purchased by Art to be able to run the 1984 NHRA US Nationals.  We won the race and the competitors were calling us “Dinosaurs.”  We then proceeded to the NHRA World Finals, winning again! Art and I then won the NHRA World Championships two years in a row, 1985 and 1986. Art was inducted into the Drag Racing Hall of Fame in 1997 and he supported the Museum from the very beginning. This is just a brief summary of Art’s life, as it would take an entire book to list it all, he was a man’s man and will be missed by all racing fans and competitors. Don Garlits, CEO, Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing Inc, 13700 SW 16th Avenue, Ocala, Florida 34473, 352-245-8661 Office, 352-245-6895 FAX,

Garlits & Malone




Leslie Long and Gene Mitchell are planning another Santa Ana Drag Strip and Main Street Malt Shop Reunion on Saturday, April 13, 2013 from 10 AM to 2 PM, or until you decide to go home. Gene Mitchell will cater the reunion for free and bring sandwiches, drinks, snacks, salad trays and desserts, all free of cost. Leslie will bring his extensive photo albums and research on the Santa Ana Drag Strip and also on dry lakes land speed time trial photographs from El Mirage. The event will be at Santiago Park, right next to the creek bed, in a lovely tree shaded park setting with benches, tables, chairs and easy-up tents. Directions to the reunion; Santiago Park is on East Memory Lane, just a quarter-mile east of Main Street on the border of the cities of Santa Ana and Orange. Turn off Main Street and go about a 1/4 mile to a signal called Lawson Way, turn right (towards the south) and drive down the embankment into the paved over creek bed. You will see the park right on the other side of the creek, up a few stairs. There is no cost to attend, for food or to park; and there is no registration or check in time. You simply come, bring your memories and photo albums and meet your old friends that you raced against. We welcome those who are younger and never came to the old Santa Ana Drag Strip. The reunion also honors the Main Street Malt Shop, where the local Santa Ana kids used to hang out before and after the drag races. This was their local place to be seen. Bring pencil, paper, camcorders, photo albums and your children and grandchildren. There are places to hike and a playground for the kids. If you have any questions, contact me at Rnparks1@juno.com, or go to www.landspeedracing.com.


I am currently working on a Bonneville history manuscript. Any guidance to anything written about Wally (Parks) or by Wally about his meetings in Salt Lake City in early 1949 when they went there to negotiate a deal with the State of Utah for the use of the flats. I know the story from Wally in person but I was hoping for more details of people who assisted them to make this to happen. I'm thinking maybe Ab Jenkins helped push it along. He was the Mayor of the city for quite some time. Any thoughts are appreciated. David Fetherston
   David: LandSpeed Louise Ann Noeth in Chapter 5 of her book Bonneville Salt Flats is about as accurate an account as you can find. All the original players are gone; Ab Jenkins, Robert Backman, Wally Parks, Lee Ryan, Robert "Pete" Petersen, Ak Miller, Kong Jackson, Chuck Abbott, etal. I don't think that I could write a better account of how the SCTA became involved with the Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce to contract for use of the Salt Flats than the description by Louise. She goes way back and knew many of the original people. The only one still living from that era is Alex Xydias, who may have some insight, but Alex was not part of the negotiations. Louise spoke to my father at length about this. 
   SCTA people knew about Bonneville as far back as the coming of the British land speed teams, for it was in the newspapers and magazines of the era. After WWII the old leaders of the SCTA were replaced by a new group of men led by my father and they believed in expansion, rather than just maintenance of the sport of land speed racing. One of the first steps was to hire a new PR firm, Hollywood Associates, of which Lee Ryan and Robert Petersen were partners. They did so because Petersen was a hot rodder and early member and he sold the idea to Parks, Ak Miller, Mel Leighton, Thatcher Darwin and Bozzie Willis, etal. Also closely associated with the Parks/Miller leadership was Kong Jackson, Jim Lindsley, etal. 
   In 1947 the leadership of the SCTA began several reform projects; improve the image of hot rodders with the public, attend Bonneville and check out the Cobb attempt and the feasibility of the salt flats, start plans for the SCTA Hot Rod Expo and begin negotiation on a professional management team by hiring a General Manager. Bonneville was a part of this expansion of the regional SCTA with the view of becoming a national timing association. When the enthusiasm of these wildly successful programs waned around 1950, my father conceived of the idea of the National Hot Rod Association. Note that he did not choose the National Drag Racing Association as a name. 
   Ab Jenkins did indeed play a part in expanding the salt flats for racing endeavors. Jenkins did much more than that; he was a one man PR firm of the highest magnitude, praising the state of Utah for all kinds of activity. Jenkins saw the future clearly and today his state draws huge numbers of tourists. He favored having the SCTA use the salt flats and with his connections and popularity as mayor of Salt Lake City it is unlikely that the SCTA would have been turned down. We all like to stress how the SCTA was only given one year, "on probation," to see if the Chamber of Commerce would approve an extension of racing after 1949. 
   But any denial for this extension would have been difficult given Ab Jenkins forceful public relations effort to expand tourism to the state of Utah. The SCTA probably also wanted a termination clause in case the long distance and the event itself should fail. The SCTA used the termination clause to "lay down the law" to land speed racers and their members; to act as adults. But if you look at the early members of the SCTA, and other Timing Associations, you will see that they were very mature. Most of the lawlessness among hot rodders came from outside of the timing associations.  Did the early day members see this as a one-time event? Yes, in the back of their minds they did see this possibility, but they also saw an equal chance that this would really work out, and it has.


John Force RaceStation is starting up its Cruise Night Car Shows again, starting on Saturday, May 4th and on the FIRST SATURDAY of every month till October 5th. In the past these events attracted 100’s of great show cars and car enthusiasts, along with awesome host clubs spotlighting their cars, food, music and a great opportunity drawing and awards. The John Force Museum & Race Shop will also be open for tours, along with the RaceStation Souvenir Store. The events will be benefiting the Orange County Food Bank. If your club would like to be a host club for a John Force Cruise Night Car Show, we have two dates available (July 6 & August 3). Craig Hoelzel, Director of Special Promotions, John Force Racing, Inc. 22722 Old Canal Road Yorba Linda, CA 92887 (714) 921-1651 x227 (Click For Flyer)


Staff notes; Mike Mescher and Ron Main sent this video to us; "Now I know where some of our old cool cars went. I believe this or part of it was filmed in Sweden.  This is like the "good ol’ days," and they are having fun, with a nice size crowd. Google http://www.youtube.com/embed/owvxPNNUQkM?feature=player_embedded


The Gold Coast Roadster and Racing Club, a member of the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) announces the 20th Anniversary of the Annual Gas UP Party and the Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame. The event will be held on April 20, 2013, from 9 AM to 5 PM at Mendenhall’s Museum of Gasoline Pumps & Petroliana, in Buellton, California. This is a celebration to honor the greats of our sport with a Buellton style BBQ, historic race cars and rods on display. There will be door prizes. The website is located at www.mendenhallmuseum.com. The mailing address is PO Box 1234, Buellton, California 93427 and the phone number is 805-245-8519 and you can email them at goldcoastrrc@gmail.com. Those being honored are; Ohly & Mardon Roadster, George Poteet and Ron Main and their Speed Demon, Cathy and Van Butler’s Honda Motorcycle, Jim Howe, Wes Potter, Sonny and Dixie Rossi, Tony Waters, Ellen Wilkinson, Rick Yacoucci, Marvin Jenkins, Frank Lockhart, Frank Oddo, Fred C. Offenhauser, Bob Opperman, Jay Roach, Jesel Products and Bill Hoddinott.


Staff notes; the following video was sent to us by Dema Elgin, Steve O'Brien and the Juggers Racing News and features drag racing as it used to be with a flagman and bales of hay.   
   "Just like when I was drag racing years ago. Our ACES and Eights racing team had the timing clocks and John and I timed the races at Half Moon bay, Cotati, Vaca Valley and once in a while at Kingdon & Lodi, and at the end at Fremont drag strip. I got my first trophy at 'the little Bonneville drag strip' off of Story Road close to San Jose, California."  Google http://vimeo.com/51040627.  Dema Elgin


My cousin, whom I have not seen in forty years, has contacted me thanks to the posting of the photos to your web site! He recognized the Abbott Benefit trophy and tracked me down and called me at Easter. Michael (Abbott) Kaufman had thought his father's benefit trophy was lost forever. These trophies are the only things Mike has left of his Father's besides two photos. Thanks for posting my photos and setting into motion the reunion between my cousin and I. He had also told me he had tracked his sister Linda down at about the same time so everything came together with amazing timing. Russell Newman
   Russell: Glad to be of help. Whenever you come upon more historical artifacts or want to make a request, please let us know. There is more out there to be discovered and the more we spread the word the more information that we find.


Don Garlits schedule along with the list of upcoming car shows at the museum is:
April 13, 2013 - Brainerd Dragstrip, Georgia/Tennessee border (Saturday only).
May 24-25, 2013 - Somernite Cruise, Somerset, Kentucky
June 29, 2013 - Rumble in the Park, Larcon, Illinois (Saturday only)
July 6, 2013 - Appearance by Don Garlits, at Eddyville, Iowa (Saturday only)
August 23-24, 2013 - World Series 60th Anniversary
August 29-September 2, 2013 - US Nationals, Indianapolis, Indiana
October 26, 2013 - Rats & Rods with Big Daddy, Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing,
  at Ocala, Florida
November 2-3, 2013 – 26th Annual Mopars with Big Daddy, Don Garlits Museum of
  Drag Racing, Ocala, Florida
November 16, 2013 - Corvette Car Show, Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing, Ocala,
We list all our car shows with information on our website. From Marlene Henle at the Don Garlits Museum, 352-245-8661.


http://www.legacy.com/guestbooks/dailylocal/sponsor-guestbook-thank-you.aspx?n=william-jenkins&pid=156830582.  The Grump's (Bill Jenkins) guestbook. Don Garlits


THE RUB-A-DUB TUB. By Le Roi Tex Smith 
   Just t’other day I was looking through an issue of the Goodguys Gazette and there it was. Right there on the printed page. A picture of my old ’34 tub. You remember, the one I built back in the Sixties as a kind of finger signal to my fellow LA Roadster Club members. The guys who were at the time debating whether an early folding top Ford (or Chevy, or whatever) with more than one seat was eligible to be in the club. “Hey,” I had exclaimed, “a roadster can have a rumble seat, and you still accept that!” I was incensed, mostly only because it helped to incite a riot. 
   As a club, we knew precious little about old car production histories. We had railed against convertibles, and someone noted that Ford had made a roadster in 1937, to which we all boo’d and hooted. 1937 and ’38 Fords were considered non-hot rods no matter what. Then someone produced a photograph of a ’37 roadster, leaving us to mumble and bitch about the parenthood of certain people. It was into this clime that I decided to introduce a Model 40 phaeton/tub/touring ad neauseum. Kind of like why I built old Walter P. Chrysler so many years later. 
   I was between projects at the moment, and the Lakeview Terrace attached two-car held nothing but my Lincoln arc welder and her washer/dryer combo. I checked out the LA Times classified on occasion, and one propitious day in the Sixties, there appeared the words, “FOR SALE: 1933 Ford touring car hot rod project. Disassembled. $900.” I called the number to learn the car had been built back in the Fifties, and maybe the owner would take a little less. Same day I drove over to Santa Monica, to find a primered and upholstered but engine-less thingie perfect for what I had in mind. Delivered to my twice car garage, with dozens of cardboard boxes full of parts.
   Really interesting thing was, the complete early Ford running gear was freshly chrome plated. The dropped front beam axle was of unknown origin, but it was a full 5-inch drop. And, the windshield was chopped a full 4 inches. It was lowdown low. So I went to work making it what would scorch some feathers in the club. First off, I definitely did not want a FoMoCo flat motor. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt! What I had in mind was an Olds chugger with an automatic, one of those then-hot 4-speed B&M Hydro’s. Which meant the shiny Ford rearend assembly had to go. Found an open drive and made up a pair of semi-ellep’s from a Chevy pickup frontend. Worked just fine. 
   Dropped in the Olds and HydroMatic to note only a bit of trimming needed on Frame X-member and I could even run the Olds fan with the original radiator (which was a re-core), although the fan bolts cleared the fins by less than an inch. This turned out to be a great combination, as the engine never overheated, ever. I had gotten C-T Automotive (Don Clark and Clem Tebow) to build the engine out to something like 410 cubes. With dual quads I got around 24 mpg, and enough grunt to pull tree stumps.
   From the git-go I knew a top would be needed, and through the grapevine I found a guy over in Pacoima who could make up a set of folding top irons and bows. All cut down to fit the lowered windshield. Made it slightly lower in the front, so that wind on the fabric would push the top down rather than try to billow upward. From there it was over to Tony Nancy who stitched up some canvas. Nancy could drive the straightest sewn line I ever saw, and he could do it in no time. The car had been done in wide pleats sometime past, which I left in place. 
   Got the car on the road one Saturday morning about 3 am, thanks to help from Neal East, who had volunteered assistance if he could ride to the Roadster Roundup up north of Bakersfield for the weekend. A couple hours sleep and we were off. The rig worked just fine, thank you, and we even gained a couple ladies for the return home Sunday, thanks to that long (and cooler) top. I can never remember if I had the car painted red or blue first time around. I think Bill Hines did the blue color, Junior may have done the red. I know I had found a full metal spare tire cover down at an LA custom parts supplier (Cal Custom), which helped the overall appearance, in either color. Whatever, I used that car for several years as my daily driver, and other than those crummy early Ford drum bakes up front, it was flawless in LA traffic.   
   Now, all this was well before the restored thingie, but significant was that this car was reputed to have been used in the Ford display at a World’s Fair (Chicago?). Most unusual, it had come to me with a dual cowl second windshield configuration. This was sort of neat looking, but it was bulky and heavy, and I have no idea what I did with that. I just never used it. I can report that the addition of front windshield wind wings reduced the amount of interior wind considerably. 
   Family coming first, the tub eventually went to someone on the west side of town for the princely sum of $1800. Turned out the fellow who bought it from me eventually ended up working for me at Street Rodder magazine, but by then he had passed the tub along to Mel Taormino from the NorCal bay area. Mel dispensed with the radical front end drop, and the deep top chop. And that is how the car remained for many years, until Mel had it redone couple of years back. Which is where I saw it at the Goodguys Pleasanton run, which I think is just about the most perfect real rod run going, and after Ron Ceridono and I had arrived following a drive from Bonneville in the unpainted ’34 Phaeton that was being toured through the States by Roadster, Inc from Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia. Which is where I am writing this column. 
   Anyway, Mel has made the old tub gorgeous with help from (I seem to recall) Roy Brizio’s digs. Talk about a car with a pedigree!!! While the car always had decent sheet metal and the frame had never been butchered (before I did all the whacking), from Brizio the thing was flawless. In black, black, black. Right there on the gardens of Pleasanton. I was gob smacked! And the car looked even stronger in the Gazette event coverage. But I can’t help but wonder how it would look with the dual cowl windshield, with some of that masterful massaging from Brizio’s bunch. Anyway, you see Taormino’s iteration of that car, take time to pick it apart. You will be amazed at how an old work horse has become such a silk purse.


NHRA 2013 Holley National Hot Rod Reunion Grand Marshal & Honorees.  NHRA Motorsports Museum. 
   Grand Marshal Preston Davis is considered one of the Southeast’s best fuel racers from the 1960’s and ‘70s. When Raymond Godman switched to Top Fuel racing he hired Davis to drive his Tennessee Bo Weevil. When Funny Cars took over match race bookings they built a Bo Weevil Funny Car as well. He won two Division Top Fuel Championships, a Division Funny Car Championship and is a member of the Division 2 Hall of Fame. 
   Alan Bockla was drag racing’s original king of the Rockies. In 1961 he began Top Fuel racing. A switch to a Woody Gilmore chassis and Chrysler power put him on the drag racing map with back-to-back West Central Division Top Fuel titles. He was first of the so-called mile-high drivers to run 170, 180, 190 and 200 mph. 
   Lynwood Dupuy is one of those rare officials beloved by drag racers coast to coast. Long before computers took their place in the tower, Lynwood’s attention to detail found him keeping records and figuring handicaps by hand. He’s one of those rare people that can perform nearly any function at a drag strip from starter to race director and earned the reputation as being firm but fair. 
   Melvin Heath built his fuel dragster in a shed on his Oklahoma watermelon farm. In 1956 he was first to win two NHRA Regional championships in a single season. At the second NHRA Nationals in Kansas City, Heath narrowly defeated Californian Bob Alsenz to win the dragster class and then took Top Eliminator honors over 351 other entries. 
   At 16 Jon Lundberg stood on an oil drum and announced his first drag race using a megaphone. By 1962 he was announcing at three Michigan tracks. He expanded to national events in 1963 including the legendary March Meet in Bakersfield. Nicknamed the “Voice of Drag Racing” and “Thunderlungs”, he appeared at more than 120 different drag strips between 1964 and 1978. Whenever “Attention in the pits!” is heard, drag race veterans think of Jon Lundberg. 
   Tom Prock has been involved in drag racing since the early ‘60s. He began with gassers and in the early ‘70s switched to Funny Cars. He raced the Warhorse Mustang, and then teamed with Al Bergler on the Motown Shaker Vega. In late 1972 Tom joined Fred Castronovo and drove the successful Custom Body Challenger for the next five years. He retired from the wheel in 1979 to became crew chief for Tom “the Mongoose” McEwen. After six years he left the road to work for Venolia Pistons.   
   The Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum, presented by the Automobile Club of Southern California, long a dream of NHRA founder Wally Parks, opened to the public April 4, 1998, after years of planning and months of hard work cataloging and arranging the exhibit. Housed in a 28,500-square-foot building on the edge of the historic Los Angeles County Fairplex, the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum's mission is to celebrate the impact of motorsports on our culture. We collect, preserve, exhibit and interpret the vehicles, stories, and artifacts that represent our affection for, and the influence of, automotive speed and style in all its forms. We are the place to view and learn about hot rods, customs, racecars and speed records, and the West Coast's role as the historic center for their past and present development. The Museum features an impressive array of vintage and historical racing vehicles –- nearly 50 at the Grand Opening -- along with photographs, trophies, helmets and driving uniforms, artifacts, paintings, and other memorabilia chronicling more than 50 years of American motorsports. A gift shop offers a wide variety of souvenir items. The Museum is open during the annual Los Angeles County Fair. Please check the Fairplex website for hours of operation and admission prices (www.fairplex.com).
   Museum admission is just $1 with regular paid Fair admission ticket.  HOURS: Wednesday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Extended hours during the NHRA Winternationals and NHRA Finals. Also, hours change during the annual Los Angeles County Fair. HOLIDAYS WE ARE CLOSED: Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Year's Day. ADMISSION PRICES: Current NHRA members are admitted free. Admission for non-members is $8 for adults, $6 for seniors 60 and older, $6 for juniors 6 through 15, and free for children under the age of 5. AAA discount available. 
   HOW TO GET HERE: From the 10 freeway east, exit White Avenue, proceed North, turn left on McKinley Avenue, enter Fairplex Gate 1. From the 210 freeway, exit Fruit Avenue, proceed South, turn right on McKinley Avenue. The Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum is located at Fairplex Gate 1, 1101 W. McKinley Avenue in Pomona. Call us at (909) 622-2133.  Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum 1101 W. McKinley Ave. Building 3A Pomona CA, 91768 Museum Main Number: 909-622-2133 Museum Fax Number: 909-622-1206 Reunion Hotline: 909-622-8562, themuseum@nhra.com, www.museum.nhra.com.


Aussie Invader April 2013 Newsletter 
   So much has happened this month with our project that I would need to write a book to give you a complete update on what we have achieved over the past few weeks, but in a nutshell here is what our mighty team has accomplished. We have gained some great sponsorship support for our project from Air Liquide, Australia’s best industrial and medical gas suppliers. We are working with Air Liquide's engineers to assist KJ Beer, SVT Engineering and Rocket Lab NZ to design and build our LOx tank which carries 2.5 tonnes of our cars oxidizer and must be insulated to minimize a high boil off rate.         These tanks must have both lateral and yaw baffling to prevent slosh which could destabilize our cars directional stability, be easily refilled on turnaround and obviously be mounted for a serious +/- G environment. More partners step forward to help Nuplex Industries have also joined forces with us this month to sponsor the much needed carbon fibre and composite products we need to build our cars nose, this nose section has been under development for quite some time and thanks to SOTO Engineers in Woolongong and Curtin University here in Perth we are close to getting this big job underway. Thanks Mal Cowan and Nuplex Industries for your great support.      
   Veem Engineering have completed the machining of our 6 x 900 x 200 mm solid CALM ALUMINIUM 1000 mph wheels… (1 spare front, 1 spare rear). The wheels are currently at CGC Engineering in Bassendean here in Perth awaiting a date with their shot peening operator to blast the contact surface area of each wheel with 460 grade shot. This will surface harden each wheel, with the work planned for next week and once they have been shot peened they will need to go back to Veem Engineering for balancing. Once balanced we will then fit our quad bearing set in each wheel (supplied by SKF Bearings), fit our Garlock high speed seals and marry them up to our Kentin Engineering axles, which are currently under development. We are hopeful our car will be a roller within 5 weeks. 
   Rocket motor mounts gets CAD treatment Guru team member Mike Annear and engineer Stuart McCrae have been busy with the CAD design of motor mount and motor attachment. One as well overcoming some technical issues making our air brake doors function. The one aspect of our rocket motor and its mounting is that it will simultaneously pull and push the car. The motor will also be mounted so we can gimbal the engine, which will allow us to direct the thrust slightly, left, right, up and down. Land Surveys in Perth kindly offered us the use of their Faro Focus 3D scanner to generate and image of the rear end of our car and motor. 
   Air brakes research goes on The air brakes are such a critical component in the record attempt that team member Pete Taylor was sent off to the recent Avalon Airshow in Victoria to study some aspects of air brakes on fighter jets. If these fail to perform to the max it will mean the car will not slow as quickly and every metre we over-run is another metre the car will need to be towed back to the start line for a record return run, eating into our 1 hour turn-around time. Stefan Brieschenk from the Centre for Hypersonics at the University of Queensland has been assisting us with the design of these components and we now have finalised air brake design and it should be under construction very shortly. Thank you all. Our project has so many great supporters. 
   Our car is currently being wired up with her onboard 12/24v power supply, work being done by Perth’s leading auto electrical company, more on this next month. Onboard hydraulic work on our car is being completed by United Fluid Power and Mining and Hydraulic Supplies Malaga, more on this next month also. Commercial Sewing are a long time friend and sponsor of our project and have again assisted us with some braking chute strops. These people do the very best work in the business and supply the bulk of Australia’s lifting slings and safety equipment. Thanks Neil and the Total Cam Solutions crew for machining our engine bosses. Thanks Di Candilo Steel City for you continued support of our project. Thanks Lawson “Chomper” Freshner and Petroleum and Mining Engineering for the first class welding work recently done for us.
   Race site visit still on hold We planned on visiting our far Western Queensland possible race site this month but unfortunately could not it due to flight restrictions and timings… hopefully we will be there very soon. Aussie Invader 3 gets another outing A few months back we were able to get Aussie Invader 3 mobile, thanks to Matt Birney and Covs and had quite a few requests to appear at functions and events. It is great to see Australia's fastest car wowing the public once again.  
   We were invited to appear at the Mustang Car Nationals in WA on Easter Sunday with Aussie Invader 3. The reaction from fans young and old was tremendous and we rubbed shoulders with some of our new 1000 MPH club members. If you want to ask about Aussie invader 3 appearing at your event or corporate day, please contact rosco@aussieinvader.com, but there is a charge for transport and appearance, depending on distance.   
   We mentioned in last month’s newsletter that South African jet car pilot Peiter De Wit was injured at Perth's Motorplex after a high speed crash driving one of Chuck Haynes jet dragsters. Good news is Peiter has just been discharged from hospital and is back at work… our teams best wishes go out to him for a complete recovery. Woocom.com have been working hard on the designs of the new Aussie Invader website and we hope to have this moving to the production phase very soon. Thanks guys for your great work and a big thank you also to Emma at Woocom who is assisting us with her social media skills and helping us to ramp up our social media exposure and hopefully our fan base. It’s all happening and we are all doing our best to get to the start line! 
Rosco McGlashan OAM, Fastest Aussie on Earth.


We need your help to save the Bonneville Salts.
Please join with us to help save our national treasure the Bonneville Salt Flats.
Pleaseforward this to all your friends, manufactures and suppliers.
We despertly need your help.
Thanks in advance for all of your help, 
Ron Main
Wk. 818-998-7848 Cell 818-523-7005

1914- 2014


January 24-26, 2014
Fairplex, Pomona, Ca.

The show 



The “100th Anniversary of Bonneville”

The past, present and future of Bonneville will all come to life as we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of racing on the Bonneville Salt Flats at the Grand National Roadster Show at the Fairplex in Pomona CA.  Help us honor the last 100 years and help preserve its future. See the most elite gathering of the World’s Fastest Vehicles ever driven at the Bonneville Salt Flats in the special feature building at the 65th Grand National Roadster show, January 24-26 2014.

The “Century of Speed” exhibit will celebrate the 100 year anniversary of land speed racing at the Bonneville Salts Flats and raise awareness of the current “Save the Salt” campaign. It will feature 100 of the greatest Land Speed record cars and motorcycles of the past one hundred years. There will also be a special gathering Thursday for the vehicles owners to enjoy the exhibition before it is open to the public. A special book signing will take place every day, so please join us for the Fun, Flash and the Future of The Bonneville Salt Flats. See our web sites listed below for all the information.             

We wish to invite you to the 65th Grand National Roadster Show. The show theme is “The Quest for Speed”. You will see over 500 show vehicles competing for awards inside all the other buildings. Another 400-500 show vehicles will join the show, and will be parked between the buildings as part of the show, making it the oldest and largest indoor Hot Rod show on the planet!

The Book 


The book “BONNEVILLE A CENTURY OF SPEED” will be premiering at the Grand National Roadster Show in the “CENTURY OF SPEED” building.

This Limited 1st edition of just 2,000 books will be produced in hard cover. Approximately 150 pages in full color with a dust jacket will be printed. The books will be numbered 1 through 2000 and have a retail price of $24.95. All 2,000 books will be donated free of charge to the Save the Salt Foundation. The purpose is to promote and raise money for Save the Salt Foundation. 

There will be a Show special book price of a $20.00 donation to the Save the Salt Foundation and it will be offered to those who attend the Grand National Roadster Show at Pomona. All of the $20.00 goes towards supporting Save the Salt Foundation. The book can also be ordered online for $24.95 plus shipping after the show.




You have been specially chosen to join the elite group to be on our Board of Directors in our effort to help save the salt and to honor the World’s Fastest Vehicles ever driven at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

You and your company will also be forever enshrined with a full color page profiling you and your company in the new book “Bonneville A Century of Speed”. You will be acknowledged as one of our Board of Directors on our Bonneville Century of Speed web site and booth space can be made available to you in the Century of Speed building.

You will be a VIP special guest at the 65th Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona California honoring Bonneville’s Century of Speed. 

You will be our guest for the weekend. You will receive show credentials and two 4-day passes for the 65th Grand National Roadster Show and the Century of Speed exhibit before it is open to the public. This will be a great opportunity to meet other vehicle owners and special celebrities and to enjoy the exhibition. I hope can join us for the Fun, Flash and the Future of the Bonneville Salt Flats!

Your name will also be in print as being part of the visionary Century Mining Company at the Board of Directors sponsorship level in the “BONNEVILLE CENTURY OF SPEED” book and on our new web site. 

You will also become a major stock holder in our visionary Bonneville Century Mining Company. For a Board of Director sponsorship you will receive a promotional framed stock certificate for 1000 shares of stock to be proudly displayed to show that you have a stake in our salt mine to help save our national treasure, the Bonneville Salt Flats.


All Board of Directors will also receive an Artist Edition of the SPEED DEMON sculpture.


The Collectables USA Artist edition of the Poteet and Main Speed Demon is the newest edition of the LandSpeed collection. The stunning paint design is faithfully recreated in permanent fired-on decals using 24 kt gold for the Speed Demon logo. Each car comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity and a Biography card. Each piece measures 22 inches long,


Guardians have been specially chosen to join an elite group to help sponsor the effort to help save the salt and to honor the World’s Fastest Vehicles ever driven at the Bonneville Salt Flats. You and your company will be profiled and will be forever enshrined in the new book “Bonneville A Century of Speed”. You will have a one quarter of a full color page in the book showing that you and or your company as a major Guardian sponsor for helping save our national treasure, the Bonneville Salt Flats. You will also be acknowledged as a major sponsor on our Bonneville Century of Speed web site.

You will be a VIP special guest at the 65th Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, California. You will receive show credentials and 2 four-day passes for you to enjoy the 65th Grand National Roadster Show and the Century of Speed exhibit before it is open to the public. This will be a great opportunity to meet other vehicle owners and special celebrities and to enjoy the Century of Speed exhibition. I hope you can join us for the Fun, Flash and the Future of the Bonneville Salt Flats!


As a Guardian sponsor you will become a major share holder in the operation of our new visionary Bonneville Century Salt Mining Company that could help restore the Bonneville Salt Flats. Your donation could buy us almost 50 tons of Salt. You will also receive a full color framed promotional stock certificate for 500 shares of stock to be proudly displayed showing that you have a stake in our salt mine to help save our national treasure, the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Your name will also be in print as being a Guardian shareholder of the mine in our new book “BONNEVILLE CENTURY OF SPEED” BOOK” and on our web site.

Bonneville Century Salt Miners $500.00

“THE SALT MINERS” Stake your Claim

Salt Miners have been specially chosen to join an elite group to sponsor our effort to help save the salt, which has been depleted over the last 20 years, until today there is barely 1 inch of salt left on the historic Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. 

Salt Miners will have the opportunity to become the back bone of our foundation, and to also become share holders in our visionary Bonneville Century Mining Company to help restore the Bonneville Salt Flats. For your $500 donation, which will buy almost 16 tons of Bonneville Salt, you will receive a full color framed promotional stock certificate for 100 shares in the salt mine, which you can proudly display, showing that you have a stake in our Salt mine to help save our national treasure, The Bonneville Salt Flats.

Your name will also be in print as being a shareholder of the “Salt Mine” in the new “BONNEVILLE CENTURY OF SPEED” book and you will also be displayed on the Century of Speed web site, as one of the share holders.

Salt Miners will also receive 2 three-day passes and show credentials for you to attend as our guest, the 65th Grand National Roadster Show and the Century of Speed exhibit.



Attached is press information about our new limited edition Allard Chrysler – Lucas Oil T-shirts. Just 100 will be produced – each one with its unique number. Hope you can find to run it because all profits go towards the restoration fund.

Also hope you can come and see us at Beaulieu on June 16th. We will be firing up the car during the day. This link takes you to a video of our most recent fire-up.





Land Speed Racing Websites:
www.hotrodhotline.com, www.landspeedracing.com

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